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Social me

Did you run your "social me" at zeebly.com?
It's a new site that analyzes your facebook posts.
Definitely interesting- Kinda cool- a bit embarrassing.

Mine said " wow you use facebook a ton!"

It said I mostly talk about diet, goals(yes, I have a lot), internet , crafts ( really?),shopping, marketing and travel.
Ok, kinda cool

Said I am ambitious and optimistic. (good)

Gave my most popular status( a pic of my children and myself with my brother who was visiting from west coast) Aww....

It reminded me that I use fewer periods in my sentences than 92% of people. UGH. Gotta work on that I guess. period.

But I DO use longer words than 94% of people! HA!

and my most motivating fact, but also quite cringe worthy by it's sheer large number; " You have posted as many words as a book. In fact, you have posted more words than The Hobbit, which has 95,022 in total".

So I guess I truly CAN finish an e-book now can't I?
Back to work on the book...one update at a time..and I KNOW I'll get it done.

Have you checked yours at zeebly?
It's free. Enjoy

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