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Are you guilty of this?

Yesterday at my son's basketball game, there were more parents ( mainly Moms) on their iphones than off their phones. And it kinda made me sad. I mean, who am I to judge them, but really?! your kid is playing ball for an HOUR and you can't give him your undivided attention? And I'm sure they weren't all on in emergencies. I saw one sending pics...pic after pic after pic. and one texting. Ok, it could have been her other child...I'll give her that.

I'm guilty of being online a bit too much at home sometimes, as a writer, blogger and network marketer
( with a small pinterest addictiton) ...but usually the kids are down the hall doing their thing anyway. Still, no excuse.

But at the kids game?
 I make sure I don't take my phone out at all, if I don't absolutely need it. I want them to be able to look over at me and see ME watching THEM and FEEL my pride for them. When I hit up the soccer field this year, I'll leave it in the car or have it on me but turned OFF.

That's what life's all about, isn't it? Giving attention and love to the children in our world, that we are blessed to know and be able to raise.
So here's to ALL THE MOMS AND DADS, me included, LET'S START paying more attention to our kids, without being online, on the phone, texting, whatever.  I know it'll make a great difference in their lives! 


Michelle Garrett said...

Definitely one of my pet peeves! It seems that with social media, smart phones, etc there's less face-to-face interaction. From children's games, to family dinner, the list could go on and on. I try to make a conscious effort to use my phone only if necessary during family time. Even pictures of family time are sent after we're done with our activity

familyreboot2013 said...

I completely agree, as this is one of my pet peeves too. There's a time and a place for being on your phone/ipad/etc. and at your children's game is not one of them.