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Decisions and indecisions

You know when your mind is swirling in the vortex of indecision and wallowing in over-analysis?
When you are in analyis paralysis?

Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't, but I certainly do.
And it sucks.

They say indecision is a time-thief and it's really true.

My indecision was over researching companies.

The one I was with previously for the last 18 months was not aligned with me for various reasons.I know that for a while and I am fortunate I recognized it. Before that I was with a beauty company for 10 years and loved it. Moved on for personal reasons but still enjoy using the products.

Sooooo.... I've been testing and trying out products of a few companies.It's kinda fun!  Found a great food company that offers organic choices and was DELISH!

Found some essential oils and skin serums that I've been using and enjoying here!

I have to say that direct sales companies really make AMAZING product lines and offer people a way to stay at home and earn cash. Pretty simply too. It's a matter of sharing. I love direct sales since I joined over 12 years ago.  It's a pretty easy way for Moms to earn from home and still be with the kids. Whether you earn $25 a month, $250 a month, or $2500+ a month, that's up to how much you work. But the beauty of it is that it's available for all of us.

I  am also still with an amazing card sending /gift company that is unique and exciting and a great compliment for anyone in direct sales or for personal use.I haven't gone to the store for cards for 2 years now! Easy, fun and sooo convenient!

 Oh, getting back to indecision.
If there's something you've been MULLING and DEBATING, I say, Jump in and GO FOR IT!  I know you will feel immediate relief over making a decision that will benefit your life in many ways. 
Big or little, just made some new choices that will make you feel amazing!  

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