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Got beans?

Getting your kids ( or you or the hubby) to eat more beans can be challenging for some people. I actully LOVE beans and eat them all the time. And I can get my kids to eat them fairly often too.
Makes me want to start singing....

Beans beans good for the heart….

Diets rich in beans have been said to improve cholesterol levels ( they're hign fiber of course) , improve blood sugar levels, prevent constipation, and even prevent bowel problems. 

Beans are a great replcement for meats too. Since I try to only serve the kids meat here adn there ( I don't eat red meat) beans can make a complete protein by combining  brown rice, corn, nuts, seeds and wheat.

Here's a few good ideas of how to add or even sneak beans into foods. 

Cooking a canned ( or homemade) chicken soup? Throw in a handful or 2 of white beans in the last few minutes.  I LOVE the way this thickens up the soup and it tastes fabulous! 

Make a hummus of chickpeas, lemon juice and tahini paste( or buy pre-made) and serve with raw veggies and crackers. Or buy a pre-made bean dip. I've tried bean dips but my kids don't seem to like the mush. However I'll keep trying.

You can also add chickpeas or most other beans to pasta salads as you would chopped veggies.

Like Mexican food? We sure do over here!  I always add black beans or kidney beans to taco meat when I make it and I make black bean tacos with onions and avocado for me .  If you have kids that object to anything little and roundish ( besides m&m's ) then you may want to puree the beans and mix in with the meat.  You can also mash or puree black or pinto beans, spread on a tortilla, roll it up and bake it to make your own bean taquitos. If time is of the essence, Trader Joe's makes excellent black bean taquitos, though I think they are a bit skimpy on the beans.

Try adding  kidney beans when serving Italian food like ziti or mix them in if you make meatloaf.

One of my faves are black bean burgers. You can google homemade recipes or try the ever addicting Pinterest. I think I have some good bean recipes on my  Pinterest food board here.

And I  can't leave out one of the best meals on a crisp Fall or Winter night-Homemade Chili. My kid eat it with meat but mine is a 3 bean version and full of lots of hot peppers too.

oh, and one last thing, I just can't forget- BEANITOS! If you like chips, you'll love beanitos. They are my new favorite find and all 3 of my kids like them( a rarity) or should I even say they LOVE THEM! They can be a bit hard to find at stores though. Vitacost carries them online if you want to shop there. 

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