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Got some goodies!

So I was lucky enough to be sent a nice little variety of health bars, NaturalVitality magnesium and organic seasoned salt to review from Vitacost.

Not only is it a place I have been shopping at for years, they carry so many health foods at the best prices, you just can't go wrong.
So far the kids have had 2 of the bars and liked, not loved them. But you know kids...their taste is different than adults for sure.

I'll update after we try them all and let you know our favorites.

In the meantime, check out all Vitacost offers.
You can get $10 off $30 by going through this link ( and the shipping is under $5 or FREE)
If you are into supplements, healthy foods, gluten free, natural skin care and vitamins, definitely compare prices -they have the lowest I have found anywhere!

* 2 WEEK UPDATE* Ok, so we've had the opportunity to eat all the bars and to use all the products!

My personal faves are:
the Natural Vitality Magnesium. It says it's good for calming down and stress and as a Mom of 3, and single no less, I definitely can use some calm energy around here. I'm going to be buying this one regularly! I gave it to the kids too.

My other fave, as the main chef of this joint, is the Redmond REAL SALT natural season salt.

 First, it's organic, which I try to buy as often as possible.

Second, it's G O O D! It's not just plain salt, it's a mix of salt and organic onion, organic coriander, organic mustard, organic black pepper, organic paprika and organic celery seed, turmeric and parsley . And NO MSG since I avoid that as much as I can.

THIS STUFF ROCKS ON POTATOES cooked in oil, like homemade fries! GREAT in soup too .

My kids , on the other hand, liked, not loved, most of the bars. Their favorite was the  TITAN bar, the large one in the pic.
They said it tasted like candy ( oh, just what I want!lol)
 But I did read the ingredients on all of the protein bars and I'd definitely buy them if I wanted protein bars. Pretty healthy stuff in there.
Check out VITACOST.COM for great prices and tons of other goodies, from organic foods, to supplements, to skin care and more. Love this site!

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