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Make mine moderation

Do you ever go a little bit overboard when it comes to reading about the latest health studies? I know I do. I read how dairy causes pus in our digestive tracts and I say THAT'S IT! No more dairy. Then I read how pork or chicken isn't healthy, or how carbs will kill ya, and I get nutty.

So sometimes we really do have to step back and remember that maybe moderation really is the key.
I was just chatting with someone about my Grandfather today. He drank a gallon of milk every few days, ate sandwiches on white bread, indulged in red meats, drank a cocktail (or several ) every night. Well, this man will be 97 next month!

Of course, he also didn't go to McDonald's ( or maybe a rare occasion), he walked his dog daily until age 86, and he ate good ole home-cooked meals, not boxed food.

So, really,I'll keep eating my organic salads and veggies and quinoa and oatmeal  but when it comes down to it,  I'm sticking with my MODERATION DIET.  ( 80/20 or 90/10)

Because deprivation is just not good.

Because fanatical is , well, fanatical.

And because life must be enjoyed with a good bowl of  chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream here and there.

Don't you think?

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