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Oobleck oobleck oobleck

Kinda like mambo mambo mambo!

We have SO MUCH FUN with oobleck around here that we are singing about it. HA!

If you have kids and you don't know what it is, you are missing out, let me tell you! 

Obleck gets it's name from a Dr. Seuss book where a gooey green substance falls from the sky and causes havoc in the kingdom. 

But yours doesn't  have to be green You can make your own oobleck with 3 simple ingredients, or even 2, if you don't care if it's white.

Cornstarch and water. How simple is that?

Throw in a few drops of food coloring to make it more fun and the kids will play for half a day, I promise you that. 

Not to mention that more than likely, YOU will join in the fun.

I've had my hands in it at least 10 times today and it kept my kids busy for hours.What a GREAT RAINY DAY or PLAY DATE activity!

Mix the cornstarch with water until it's a nice gooey consistency , not too thin and not too thick. I mix mine in a large glass baking tray. Then I put some newspapers and wet towels down on the dining room table and we are good for the day :-)

The MAGIC of oobleck is that it is a LIQUID and  SOLID at the same time! seriously.

Try to make little, what I call "snowballs" in your hands and them watch them magically melt and drip.

It is positively addicting!!

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