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The benefits of OAT MILK ( and other vegan milks)

I've been looking for a milk for the family that is not from cows. Though the kids love cows milk, I'm starting to realize we are not calves and just want to drink it less and add some other healthier options to our diets.

So I've tried the various non-animal derived "milks" out there: ( I quote milk since some labels call them non-dairy beverages)

soy( I like but questionable for kids to have too often)
rice-none of us liked it's watery consistency
almond-the kids all liked the flavored chocolate almond milk only, not plain
coconut- zero out of 4 here liked it.
then we happened upon OAT milk and we all love it , especially on cereal. I drink it in my coffee too.

What's nice about Oat milk, or rather Oat non-dairy beverage as my label says, is that it comes shelf -stable so you can stock up and store it in the pantry.

The health benefits are:

it promotes heart health
offers a full serving of whole grains
is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin
no added sugar( well, the brand I bought anyway so do check labels)
low fat
lactose and cholesterol free

So the brand I bought is called Pacific and it is organic and non GMO. It's a little higher in sugar and lower in protein than my regualr organic 1% milk so I'm going to look around at different brands.

But if you are looking for some new milk options, give these various milks a try and see which your family likes best.

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