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Spring Cleaning your spirit for Moms

Re-ignite passions, re-start projects, re-birth the inner Goddess and re-emerge with a more focused beautiful spirit this Spring. It's up to you to make those changes and you can do it!

The image of Spring Cleaning is pretty strong to most of us. Perhaps it's open closet doors with piles of unwanted items being hauled to the curb.
Maybe it's open windows with the blossoms in view and the scent of lemon cleaners mixed with lilac wafting on the breeze in the air.
Maybe it's a clean  and uncluttered desk at work or at home.

But these are simple material things and while they play a huge part of our lives, it's the  nurturing our spirits and our soulsthat plays an even bigger role of course. 

While Spring cleaning makes us think of March or April, a good Spring Cleaning for our spirit can be down any time of year. Think of it as washing away the dull inner Winter dormancy and not only embracing new changes, but shining and downright blooming right where you are!

As Mother's , we are the gate keepers of our homes and our families. We often put everyone else first and slowing,month by month, year by year, fall into a routine of doing for them while we put our needs last. These may be spiritual needs or creative needs or just personal quiet time needs. And expressing our truths is often held in as we claim the role of 

I like the word Goddess. I like the word nurture. I love the word spirit. Spirit defines the utter essence of who we are. People say "She has a joyful spirit… a kind spirit…a warm spirit" and that is just lovely.

But sometimes do you feel that your spirit has been quieted by endless, needless chores and you've fallen into a role that, while you absolutely adore being a Mother, you feel there is a bit more out there for you and where do you look for it?

You start with the INNER view.

Now it's time to rediscover those passions you put aside. Yes, whether your children are in diapers , school age or asking for the car keys, you are going to have to take time for YOU. And yes, you WILL thank yourself for starting on this road of truly emerging as the Goddess you were born to be…the creative muse…the cool and heart -centered VIBRANT Mother and woman  that you are.

No more sitting on the couch with the TV on. No more going through the day cooking 3 meals, cleaning the house and falling into bed exhausted yet feeling like nothing major was accomplished.

It's time to be INQUISITIVE, to learn, to branch out, to grab hold of that THING that excites you…you know, the one you USED to do?
 Is that writing? crafting? painting? horseback? Is it flower arranging? Is it running? cooking? yoga? Helping people? How about drawing? decorating? singing or playing an instrument?

 What was it that you did all the time, for no money or for money, that you truly LOVED LOVED LOVED? Then things that made time stand still or fly? The things that honored your spirit by nurturing your creativity and bringing your vibration to a higher level?

How can you tune into those passions again while running a house and running to sports and the stores?

I'd say the first super simple step is to commit to change.

The other first step is TIME. And lucky you, YOU get to choose that time for you. It could be an hour every morning, it could be a 4 hour stretch every week where the kids are in school or with a sitter, it could be a larger commitment of time….but it's totally up to YOU, to remember that our clocks offer 24 hours a day and we need to schedule some of that for self love.

So take this season to EMBRACE the new, to SHED the old, to be OPEN to change and to let your SPIRIT be your guide. 

~ Deb

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