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The 6 types of people who should join SendOutCards( and why YOU need this system)

I could go on and on about how much I love SendOutCards. ( but I won't. too much anyway.)
And if you haven't heard of SendOutCards , or SOC as we call it, then please, allow me to be the one who has the privilege of sharing.

Not only have I been with the company and using the system for over 2 years, I am still as excited about it as the day I joined. I still send cards very often. Oh, and did I mention the brownies? The most decadent delish brownies E-VUH!

So without further ado, I'll list my thoughts on the 6 kinds of people who need to be using SOC to send cards and gifts.

1- Anyone who send cards
 Ok, that's probably, what? 90% of people? And the "old -fashioned" way of going to the store, choosing the card, coming home, addressing it and praying there's stamps floating around in the drawer near your checkbook just doesn't cut it anymore.

Hopping on your computer or smartphone and choosing a card, or creating a custom one in a matter of minutes, then clicking "send" seems much easier doesn't it?  No gas at $4 a gallon and no mad-stamp searches. Not to mention dragging whiny kids to the stores....

2- Anyone who says " I should have".
 hhm, is that you? You know  " I should have sent Aunt Mary a card when she fell" or
" I should have sent more cards to my grandma when she was alive" or
" I should have sent a congratulations when my cousin had her 4th baby".
We get busy. We have kids. I get that. I know the feeling. But living with guilt is not a feeling I like. Better yet, living with the feeling that YOU MADE SOMEONE'S DAY or made them SMILE, is a feeling you may like a bit more no?
So using this system, there's NO EXCUSE .
One click and it's done. You can even schedule them ahead so you don't miss a birthday or anniversary. Very cool .

3- Anyone who is in direct sales or owns a small business.
Real estate folks. Chiropractors. Etc.
 If you are not sending cards to make personal connections, you are more than likely missing out on business. not to mention referrals.
Statistics say people need to be exposed to an item , or service, between 8-15 times before they make a purchase.
Of course there are some will will buy the first time they see, but you want to KEEP them coming back right?
Make the connections. Send cards as reminders. Send sales info. Send birthday cards. Send thank you cards. Send reminder cards .
 Especially in direct sales, if you are prospecting and looking to grow your team, keep in contact since it may take a while for someone to join, Don't let them join someone else.

4- Anyone who as a generous heart and lives by practicing appreciation.
If you understand the law of attraction, you'll know that what you reap , you sow.
What you send out, comes back to you.
And the way you live, is the way you create your days and ultimately the person you become. So when you send without expecting, but just because you have a generous heart, you are benefiting yourself as much as the recipient.
The feeling that comes from giving is one we all love.
Tis better to give....

5. Anyone who takes a lot of pictures ( kids or pets or landscapes anyone?) and wants to put these gorgeous pictures on a card.
Let me tell you, MY RECIPIENTS have told me they FRAME MY CARDS!
I personalize by sending a picture of our kids together, or  a beach we both go to, or a party we were at together. Or even just something that has a deep and personal meaning to them. A memory we made together. A shared laugh. Nothing better than being creative AND making your friends happy! And these acards are simply GORGEOUS too!

Last but so not least...

6.Anyone who wants an ONLINE BUSINESS that requires no inventory, can be worked from an iphone, on a plane or at the beach. A business that only requires sharing.
A business that can be "worked" in your spare time.
A recession proof business.
A business where you don't need to get someone to try lotions or potions, hold home parties, or set up booths.
A business that is low cost to run .
A business with a company who is on a mission to help create connections and help people act on their promptings and share love.
A real feel-good business, in a nutshell.

WHOA! Ok, so I said I wouldn't go on and now I see that I did.I really did.  That's ok, I guess. I did say I COULD GO ON AND ON right?

So let me leave it like this...you like simple? you like convenient? You like technology?

You have  GOT TO come on over and create an account.  Just try it and you'll see why we all love and and why in 2012, the company sent over 17 million cards and aquired over 104,000 new customers!

Got questions? Message me through my site anytime.
I'd love to share more info with you if interested

YOU WILL LOVE THIS SYSTEM ( can you say addicting? )
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Be a better person today. Make someone smile. Share a kind word.

 Love makes the world go round :-)
sho do bee- sho doo be- sho doo be

yes, these are all images of cards I have sent 

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Jessica Scott said...

I worked for a web design company and my boss used this site to send out all kinds of cards to clients. I was in charge of this and I must admit that it was definitely convenient. This site was also good to send out gift cards to especially gracious clients. I would recommend it also :) Great blog btw!

Jessica Scott