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Daily gratitude

Ever have those days you wake up just bubbling over with gratitude? 

Yeah, I know it should be everyday and I do live with a grateful heart everyday.

 But somedays we just seem to step BACK and see our lives as a whole and just burst with appreciation! 
That's what it's like for me today.
 I keep a little gratitude journal and I'm going to write in it again right now. Sometimes I write until my hand cramps like mad ( it's not easy like it was back in school right?- we are all so used to computers and cell phones nowadays-wow-basic handwriting is HARD!LOL)

So today, my extra gratitude is for several things-

 the sun, the fresh air , my blooming flowers...
 my daughter's BIG  smile everyday as she gets off the bus and how she just LOVES to dance,
 my little boy's warm skin and delicious little boy scent when I hugged him this morning
 and that my BIG boy is off on an amazing adventure and I get to facetime with him and watch live-streaming to share it a bit until he gets home and tells me all the details. 

 What are you grateful for today?

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