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Stand out in a crowd? Who me? yes! and you!

I'm not the type to walk up to someone in a store, but MAN! When I see someone paying 5 bucks for a not -even-amazing greeting card, I  can barely bite my lip and hold in my yelling WHAT? are you nuts? Why don't you try the way I send cards? 

See, I've been a card sender my whole life and now I'm teaching my kids to send cards to friends, for this reason or that. Yeah, it's a dying "art" for some who feel a text will do.
Not me.
And not the thousands and thousands who go buy those 5 buck cards . and certainly not the thousands who send card like we do around here- the modern way. I like to stand out in a crowd, don't you? I've never been a good sheep.

I know I can go on and on and sounds like a commerical....so before that can happen, let me just say, do not stop sending "just because" cards OK?!!?!

They mean a lot to people. and you know that good feeling you get inside when you've done something nice?  yeah, we all need more of that :-)


Oh, these beach pics from my walk this week may just be a cover of a custom card I make soon. Whattada think?

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