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Just do it

I've never been one to get crazy out of my comfort zone....but now as I get older, I find that I listen less to other people and just DO what I want. and it makes all the difference in my happiness.

I really wish I knew this when I was younger.

I also wish I chose to pursue my dreams more and not be so wishy washy or give them up too soon.
It's the one piece of advice I have for everyone-from my daughter to my friends to the people I meet online.

you want something? just do it. You want change? just do it. You want to get our of your crappy marriage, or crappy job? just do it.
Really, it's all up to you, to take that chance and make that change.

I had always loved writing. Have notebooks full of stuff I've written over the years but the closest I got to anything out of the notebook was being published in my college women's magazine.

I went on to write hundred of greeting cards, submitted them and got turned down.

I took it personally.

Then the internet came along and I could blog. SWEET! Now I can write and people could read it.

But as a single struggling Mom, what good was that doing for my finances?
Finally, I got smart.

I searched.
I took chances and submitted things to websites.
I ASKED if they needed writers. but more importantly

and luckily now I write on 3 sites regularly and yes, for pay!
It's not supporting me -yet- but it's a nice start.

so whatever it is YOU want to do, don't give up.

just do it...as nike says....great slogan, great way to live.

Smile and get on with it.

Life's too short to be working at something you don't like.

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