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Why DIY rocks ( even if the results are less-than-picture perfect)

You know those patios and decks and backyards that you see in magazines that are picture-perfect? Not a weed in sight, $200 planters and stunning outdoor furniture? Not to mention the landscaping!

Ok, well, yeah, they are in magazines for a reason.

 But I have been in yards like that in real life( gasp!) and though I get a little green with envy, I am perfectly content to go home to my humble patio.

And I am perfectly fine with yard sale finds, items tossed to the curb and hand-me-downs.Really, I'd rather use my money to vacation, but that is my preference.

Take a look at the planters I just copped out of someone's pile of trash at the curb. Not too pretty but has potential right? These are 2 of the 4 I found.

So I grabbed some 69 cent paint we have around the house, some clear spray and I painted them. My intent was not at all perfection- I do prefer the weathered distressed look BY FAR.
So this is how they  came out.

And here's the finished look just planted today with the Mother's Day plants I got yesterday from my 3 sweeties! Just wait until they grow and fill in all the gaps. I'm tellin' ya- I could not ask for more of a picture-prefect planter in my yard.

So my point is ( I do have one) don't be afraid of the garbage or too good to take a free item or an item you find at the curb.
Don't be afraid to go to a yard sale and find some 50 cent baskets to fill.
Make your patio or deck reflect your individuality and it you can't afford picture-perfect, that's OK!  Buying used or getting free is THE GREEN way to live anyway right? It's the ultimate in recycling!

Not to mention, how cool and proud you feel when a friend stops over and says "WOW- I love those planters! Where'd you get them?"  and you just smile and say " I painted them myself"

and save your hard -earned cash for some nice vacations. Happy Spring!


EJ Morales said...

Love the planters. I totally agree repurposing old goods is the way to go.

Debra Ferrie said...

Thanks! I agree, why waste? One WOman's trash, is ALWAYS another Woman's treasure :-). and the plants have filled in since I took the pic and they look even better! Thanks for stopping by :-)