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New Cascade Platinum- #sponsored

  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

If you knew me, you'd know that one of my LEAST FAVORITE CHORES EVER is doing dishes.

And when I cook, I end up with ridiculous amounts of dishes since the 4 of us tend to eat many different things at meals ( yes, I know sometimes paper plates would be a nice idea)   So I was lucky to be able to try new Cascade Platinum recently.

My dishwasher sucks. It really does. Usually I have to practically wash the dishes by hand before I put them in. And then, I mean, what's the sense? Or sometimes the kids sneak a dish in or a spoon full of crud and even after the whole wash cycle, it was still full of crud, just a little less and dried up now.

And I'm bad at buying anything beyond a basic bag of dish washer tablets. So these little pacs are designed not only to remove build up from hard water but to maintain the sparkling clean interior of your dishwasher as well. Not bad huh?  They also eliminate the need to pre-wash and scrub away 24 hour stuck on food
( though in my dish washer, we have some issues and I think it doesn't spray hard enough to 100% get off old food, but I tell ya, it got off 90-95% and that's  more than normal with other stuff I've used)

So I liked that these Cascade packets really made my life easy, even in my crapola dishwasher , because stuff actually came out clean! The scent I could do without-why do they even need lemon burst scent?Unscented would be fine with me, but whatever...

Cascade platinum is supposed to help with that dreaded film you get on glasses. I hate that-always embarrassing when a friend is over and you hand them a glass they can barely see through. Ok, mine weren't that bad...but still....anything that helps gets an OK in my book.

All in all, so far, through the first 6 loads, dishes were clean and actually kinda sparkly.
My favorite MICKEY glass looks fairly clear doesn't it?

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Bicultural Mama said...

I've tried many brands of dishwasher detergents and found Cascade works the best. Our dishwasher repair man also recommended it to us!