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6 reasons to be on Pinterest

If you are still not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? And if you ARE on Pinterest, are you using it to your advantage?  As a girl, I cut out magazine pictures of things I wanted or just something that caught my eye. Did you do that too?  But magazines were pretty limited in my house. Pinterest, however, is like having the world at your hands. And while it’s fun to look at and pin things that catch your eye, it’s a whole lot more than that! Women around the world are getting creative and using this “virtual pin board” for many reasons and with much success.
Here are 6  top reasons to use Pinterest to your advantage.
  • Plan a wedding- This is HUGE! Remember you, or a girlfriend, carrying around a notebook filled with magazine cut outs of place settings, and bouquets? and Bridal magazines with pages folded? Now it’s easy to collect ALL the images you want in one place. Pin the dresses you love, the flower arrangements, the lyrics to songs, whatever…and be able to access them from your smartphone or  ipad makes it EXTRA convenient. Use the “delete pin” button to your advantage too, by deleting what you no longer like and narrow down to your best ideas. You can also share your board with relatives and friends across the country and even allow them to pin on your board! How awesome is that?
  • Vision Board/Motivation- Not everyone does this but it is powerful! Seeing our vision boards daily and reaffirming our image of our future is the law of attraction in action. Some people just like to put positive quotes and uplifting words. Others images of places they would like to visit. But however you use it, it’s a great reminder of what’s important in life and can motivate you to strive for these things and to appreciate them more.
  • Sell your crafts or home biz items- HUGE HUGE HUGE market out there for crafters and direct sales. Huge. No longer do you just have an Etsy store or sell on e-bay (how primitive is that?) but now you can pin images of your items for your followers to see. The more followers you have, the bigger the audience. But then it’s even better-since THEY can repin your images to THEIR followers and so on. So theoretically, thousands of people can see your images and crafts now…is that exciting or what? Same goes for those in direct sales, as long as it is allowed by the company. And really-what company DOESn’T want people to see their items and have potential sales and new consultants? It’s THE way to grow a home business!
  • Virtual cookbook- Self explanatory! I mean, how many of us still have volumes of cookbooks and reach for them when we want a new meal for the fam? No show of hands? I know mine went right in the donation box. Pinterest is AMAZING for recipes…you can make boards into categories- main dishes, desserts, vegetables, etc. and then display the recipe as you are cooking right on your computer, laptop, kindle, ipad,whatever. And there’s never any recipes you DON’T want-unlike cookbooks. You choose which ones you want to make. If you make it and it sucks, delete! Easy peesy! My kids and I have so much fun pinning -and trying- new recipes. And that’s another point- you can get the kids involved by letting them choose what they’d like to try.
  • Expand your blog. Every time I post a blog post, I make sure I have a picture with it and then I hit that great “pin it” button. And this really helps expand traffic to blogs. I’ve heard of blogs getting hundreds of hits a day from 1 pin alone! Crazy . but true. So never blog without pinning. And you can pin the post to various boards too, if you choose, since some people don’t follow all your boards, but rather only the themed ones they like.
  • Create an idea board. No more forgetting crafts you want to try with the kids, or having ripped scraps of magazines crumbled in drawers. No more forgetting what site it was that you saw a great idea on. Pinterest makes it easy to collect your future DIY projects in one spot. You don’t even need to use your bookmarks anymore…it’s better because it’s all in one spot and very visual. From painted rocks, to home made headboards, ideas for flower gardens, kindergarten projects and Christmas table settings to anything you can think of, you can pin away and have a treasure of ideas to come back to. I just LOVE doing this and have found it so helpful and time-saving in my life!
Happy Pinning. But be warned- it’s a bit addicting.
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