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Feeling like a single Mom?

I don't often say much in the negative or complaining manner, but I just want to address all the married women I hear recently who say " It feels like I'm single"

You see...if you have a husband who EVER comes home and sleeps in your bed, who ever stops at a store, cleans the gutters, takes the kid to a ballgame, works on the pool, brings your car in for repair, BBQ's the meat, mows the lawn, takes you to dinner, pays for your pedicure, plays catch with the kids, hangs a picture, rents a movie,cashes a check, washes your car or buys you a present, (or many other things)
then you are very much NOT SINGLE.

I say this because I AM SINGLE. There are days I love it, days I like it and days I don't like it very much. I give A LOT of credit to all the single moms out there. You are all so strong and so amazing. And one day things may change and we will all look back and give ourselves a pat on the back for all we did.

But I'm not settling, so when my George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt ,  I mean, dream man (read: soul mate) comes along, I WILL be thrilled. I will let him do all of the above and more. If he's at work a lot, I won't say "I FEEL LIKE I'M SINGLE", I promise I won't.

Because trust me, it's different.

Just like you can't say you know what it's like to be a Mom when you have no kids, only dogs.

Now suddenly I feel like watching Oceans Eleven so I gotta run. Fast!

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