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Get your summer damaged hair back in shape NOW with items from your kitchen!

In my former life, I was a hairdresser. So I've seen the ravages summer can do to hair. And now as a woman in her 40's with partly grey hair who dyes it brown and then highlights it AND spends many days in the pool and beach, sometimes I felt like a blonde witch this past summer. Not the good witch Glenda with her silky shiny waves, more like a blonde -gypsy -no- I -didn't- sleep -outside-kinda-witch.

But (waving my magic wand) there are many ways to combat the witchy look and some of them are right in your kitchen. I find doing these beauty treatments once a week at first and then once a month will help your hair stay as healthy and shiny as possible.

However, the absolute first thing to do is...read on here

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