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While Facebook is like a party, sometimes I don't feel like chatting or listening to the BS a typical party can bring....sometimes I feel like browsing a museum.or someone's kitchen or living room.Or escaping to a beach fantasy on the shores of Greece.
Know what I mean?
Does that even make sense?
I feel like Facebook is the party, whether you are the party animal or the fly on the wall, and Pinterest is the museum, the garden, the beach, the runway, the furniture store, someone's kitchen....

I have to admit, I've become a bit of a Pinterest addict recently. But that is said in a good way. Truth. I've never been a crafter or DIYer but I see possibility on my screen that's just calling my name. I see recipes that I need 15 ingredients I don't have on hand but that I MUST make by next weekend.I see outfits that I go crazy for, kids ideas, and recipes that make me drool.

Tell me, do you think Pinterest is the best thing or what? What have you made or learned? What has inspired you?

Here's my thoughts on the top 6 reasons to be on Pinterest and a great collage my daughter made of our sweet kitties!

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