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Learning more about a GMO free lifestyle?

With all the talk about GMO's, I find it interesting if someone chooses NOT to change their diets and lifestyle even at all, don't you? Even taking baby steps is a step in the right direction. I talk about baby steps all the time because I know for "real" people and busy moms, taking SOME steps, a little at a time, can lead to a bigger change down the road.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself about GMO's. You can learn a lot here at the non gmo project.Then look around for more info that will help you use non GMO's foods and items.

Of course, everything in moderation. So if you are learning more about GMO's  and want to make the move to healthier and organic living, at least buy as many non GMO and organic foods as you can (organic is non gmo)

Just found this book on Amazon and it looks fab! The NON GMO COOKBOOK
"Recipes and advice for a Non GMO lifestyle".

Want to learn more about how foods can HEAL and help your body? yeah, me too. I find that fascinating.
This new book from NYR Organic is selling like crazy. I'm thinking of a few people who may get it as a gift this year too.

As a matter of fact, ALL NYR products are GMO free!

Vitacost is an online store that offers many healthy brands. I've shopped there for years. With the price of gas, sometimes a nice $50 order, with NO shipping, right to your door, is much appreciated by busy moms. And they have very very low prices too.  Here's a $10 coupon 

I blogged about organic living on todaysmama recently too-  Why going organic is not a trend

Confused what to buy? Some brands that have organic and non- GMO products within their line are listed here

Do your best to support them as much as you can. Did you know that not every organic product is more expensive than traditional items?

I buy organic store brands at stores like Stop N Shop and they are actually CHEAPER than some of the garbage out there (think cereals, oatmeal, granola bars, carrots,etc.)
I can get a nice bag of organic apples for 5.99, got a bag of organic carrots just today for 99 cents, on sale from 1.49 and I ALWAYS and only buy store brand or name brand organic cereals and milk since my kids eat a lot of that. Organic "cheerios" are called toasted oats and they are delish! There's organic versions of so many-from granola, to hone bunches of oats to raisin bran. 
Just look around and try them!

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