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Make a Scented Homemade Heated Rice Sock

This is so easy to make and comes in very handy.

A heated rice sock is great for aches and pains of muscle strains, tight neck muscles, cramps,headaches and even just to warm cold hands or feet.

All you need is:
a sock (not too thin)
a rubber band
essential oil ( I used lavender)

Fill the sock with rice using a scoop , funnel or just pour until at least the foot part is filled. You just need to leave a few inches to tie with a rubber band.

Put a rubber band around it.
Place a small bowl of water in the microwave with the sock next to it, so it gets moisture but doesn't get wet.
Heat in microwave about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 minutes (check to see if it feels comfortable)

Take off the rubber band, add a few drops of essential oil, then place rubber band back on tightly and give rice a kneading to distribute. Done! Not only does it feel so soothing, but smells divine too.

You're an adult and I'm sure I don't need to remind you not to put directly on skin if it's too hot and never to use on babies right?

The heat lasts a while and you can re-heat it over and over! Heck, I think I'm bringing mine out to the car with me on those early morning drives to school when it's 15 degrees out.

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