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Switching to organic skincare? 3 Fabulous serums to try!

As a writer focusing on wellness, I have recently read a lot about skin care ingredients that are questionable or unsafe and the ones that are reported as safe and beneficial.

And as a woman and a Mom, I just like to use more natural and organic products nowadays.

I had no clue, until a few years ago, how many chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, coming in all forms from inhaling, to eating, to putting on our skin.

So if we can make a safer choice, I'm all for it!

It's all about being an informed consumer and choosing safer ingredients.

I mean, why not right? It just can't hurt

Even if you choose just SOME organic products in your life, it  certainly cuts your chemical exposure.

If you can buy just 15%-25% organic foods, same thing.It's a good start!  This is not our great-grandmother's world. 
This is a world of chemical sprayings and factories. We all know that. 
So making some healthier natural living choices can only be said to improve our health. There are no guarantees it will stave off cancer or other illness but there is proof that eating "bad" and using a lot of chemicals can raise your risk of diseases. When there is a choice, choose natural or organic ( and there are usually choices)

Anyway, I was really reading about oils and other facial serums ( I'm a big fan of serums and oils) and wanted to point out some amazing ingredients and NONE OF THE NASTIES in these.   Here are just 3 of NYR's many facial products You can shop online here

Frankincense oil:
Power -rejuvenating properties to visibly firm skin

bergamot for balancing

myrrh for strengthening and stimulating

macadamia oil for the fatty acids and softening

mandarin oil for toning

baobab oil for antioxidants and omegas 3, 6 and 9

evening primrose oil for skin plumping fatty acids

turmeric extract for brightening and helps even skin tone

frankincense -tightening, toning and reducing wrinkles.

and of course, most are certified organic ingredients too

Brightening Serum (Love this!)
Reduces the appearance of dark spots and creates a luminous flawless-looking complexion:

African star grass to even out skin color and create brightness and radiance as well as fade age spots, freckles and hyper-pigmentation

tara keeps skin hydrated and nourished

alfalfa conditions skin and increases skin metabolism, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

vitamin c antioxidant properties, inhibits UV-induced hyper pigmentation, collagen boosting, reduces appearance of wrinkles

raspberry seed oil- contains omegas for skin nutrition and protection, improves softness

turmeric for brightening and adding radiance

white tea to protect and nourish and provide stronger skin structure

aloe vera for healing and moisturizing

glycerin softens and soothes and reduces water loss

Daily Brightening Serum ( Can layer both brightening serums. This one kept my freckles from popping out all summer)
nourishes and corrects for even skin tone and a more luminous complexion

same ingredients as above serum but also with

sodium hyaluronate to boost moisture level and smooth out wrinkles

aloe vera a healing and moisturizing gel which also increases collagen and elastin

sunflower seed oil, antioxidant rich with vitamin E to revitalize and accelerate healing

Learn more  on my NYR site. I'm an independent consultant with this award winning company and love to share!

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