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7 little wellness changes to make for the upcoming year

I think the New Year is a great time to change some habits and to try new things, don't you?
Health and wellness is a top priority on everyone's list!

Here's my top 7 suggestions:

1- Read ALL labels on things you buy. From food to beauty. Choose without GMO's, parabens,chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, msg, dyes, etc.

2- Buy more organic. It doesn't have to be costly- as far as food, you can get store brands or consider Wildtree  for quality healthy foods or Vitacost  As far as skin care, NYR (the company I represent) is comparable to any organic brand and uses safe ingredients with none of the nasties. You can sign up and get a great 25% discount on your orders too. It's all about knowing how to get a good deal.

3- Ditch dryer sheets. I haven't used them in about 7 years. I use dryer balls or NOTHING. yes, nothing. and my clothes don't stick together once they lose that chemical coating from the sheets

4- Incorporate more spices and new veggies into your diet. Explore new tastes and cuisines and get all the health benefits of spices.

5-Practice yoga. and if you can't, or don't want to, at least spend 5 minutes a day in deep stretches, especially in the morning and before bedtime.

6- Add a serum to your skin care if you don't use one already. Skin care works great when layered for multiple benefits and if you live in a cold climate, like me, serums are fantastic in the winter.

7- Buy essential oils if you don't already. Use lavender to relax before bed , or a test, or at work. Mix it with carrier oils for a massage. Mix it with oil and sugar for a great body scrub. Use a dab for tension headaches. Mix it in homemade cleaners or air fresheners. Use peppermint to uplift and get rid of the midday slump. Try peppermint or energizing grapefruit or organge or rosemary in a burner or diffuser. Frankincense mixed with carrier oil on skin. SO many more uses! NYR makes a great book on essential oils so be sure to pick it up as a reference!

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