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Let's talk SKIN

Can we talk SKIN?
My December and January skin is usually bad bad bad with break outs ,and dullness and just loses it's glow, ya know? Anyone relate? 
Well, thanks to ditching the chemical skin care and going to organic skin care, it's WAY WAY BETTER this year. Not perfect because, well, I have sucky skin. Always wanted those beautiful clear complexions of a super model. Not happening, now in my 40's. 
BUT, and that's a BIG BUT(lol), this year, I am having WAY less break outs and WAY more glow!

My face is not as parched after I wash it :-) and DEFINITELY looks better when I wake up (as I tentatively take that first peek in the mirror) and I'm actually pleasantly surprised each day! And I can see pretty well close up still. 

I like looking good.
Not just "good for her age" good, but good.
and glowy.

That's my catchphrase this year. GLOWY! Makes me think of sunshine and summer and all that brighty whitey glittery magic.  
Wild Rose Beauty Balm is making me glowy for sure. The serums quench the dryness.
Beauty Sleep Concentrate is making me wake up with better skin. 
and Frankincense Intense is helping my wrinkles-yes, I have a lot and they simply mean I laughed a lot- so it's all GOOD! right? Right!

Next time we'll chat dry brushing, or maybe how I'm sleeping BETTER than a baby with lavender essential oil on my pillow. Fancy that!  Oh the fun and learning and RESULTS of being in an organic skin care biz!

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